Understanding the full path to purchase enables you to improve knowledge of a specific category, develop a better business plan and help drive business performance through increased sales.

The challenge is to capture feedback from all types of customers, all missions and all retail environments. There is therefore a need to understand the entire journey by identifying: consumer attitudes, influences and need states; shopper missions, including planning, store choices, in store navigation and category decisions, as well as the overall consumer experience.

Here at SPA Future Thinking our Shopper team utilises large scale communities to build a complete picture of a specific category and its various segments. The role of the community enables us to obtain the richest and most flexible data by incorporating a wide variety of tasks including:

  • Videos
  • Photo records
  • Click and drag sorting exercises
  • Blogs
  • Topics of the day
  • Evaluative exercises

This can then also be supplemented with additional research including observations in store to evaluate and validate the true path to purchase for a category.

Read our case study to see how we provide clients with a greater understanding of their category to help inform their business strategy.

Our approach enables you to place shopper considerations at the heart of the business, foster stronger relationships with retailers, create more compelling propositions for each segment, develop specific plans by segment and distribution channels and develop more targeted communications.

To help understand the full path to purchase and our approach to shopper please contact Shelley Watson, Head of Shopper & Retail on +44(0)1865 336 400