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Launch | Communicate | Experience


Capture motivations and usage behaviour of consumers, in-home, before responses have yet been rationalised.

  • Access motivational language and usage occasions
  • Identify core product benefits
  • Understand the key consumer hooks

Ideas Room
Unlock creative thinking through collaboration and testing in ‘one hit’.  The Ideas Room is an inspiring way to design, refine and test in a single day.

  • Dynamic way to tackle challenges
  • Stakeholders and creative agency collaboration
  • Contextualises thought within the bigger business picture

Concept Potential
Which ideas offer most potential? We’ll help you identify and build on the best concept ideas leading to in-market success

  • Explicit and implicit perceptions
  • Communication-driving appeal
  • Target audience and usage occasion

Pack Perfect
Develop and refine your best concepts — from product, package and price to promotion and service — ready for launch

  • Optimise your offer
  • Generate more sales and improve service delivery
  • Achieve better standout

Launch Pad
Launch great ideas at full blast through behavioural evaluation to understand market opportunity and optimise your offer further

  • Understand the target audience and usage
  • Identify rrp and predicted volume in a competitive context
  • Pinpoint key communications driving appeal

Product Leader
Be confident how your products fit in-market by tracking their performance against your competitors’ to reveal

  • How your products compare
  • How they can be improved
  • How to maintain position

With the risk of product launch failure, minimise exposure with accurate sales forecasts by value and volume through

  • Intelligent forecasting: research data, marketing inputs and category data
  • Diagnostic outputs and scenario modelling for sales optimisation

Path to Purchase
We'll help you identify the touchpoints along your customers’ journeys that drive loyalty and convert sales — and where you should invest marcomms

  • Increase your profile within the repertoire set
  • Understand the drivers to conversion; map the decision funnel
  • Inspire customer retention


TV Sponsorship Index
What does your sponsorship add? To optimise future strategies we show

  • How well sponsorship is performing
  • Which key brand measures the campaign is driving
  • Whether the category/channel lets the brand shine

Content Optimiser
How do you drive continued viewer engagement?

  • Understand the context of viewing behaviour
  • Measure satisfaction, advocacy and key brand metrics
  • Identify understand crossover and unique reach.

You demand maximum exposure for your product placement. We help you, broadcasters and media agencies get it through

  • Fit and appropriateness of creative
  • Impact on brand - awareness - affinity - loyalty
  • Guidance for future placement strategies

Campaign Optimiser 2.0
Is your advertising working? We track brand performance to show you how media affect your campaign awareness and KPIs

  • Each media channel’s impact
  • Which platforms over/under index against spend
  • Outcomes from a different media outlay

How does your brand stand up against the competition? We’ll track its performance and identify the key drivers of brand equity to assess strength and engagement

  • Real-time launch monitoring for campaigns and products
  • Brand equity evaluation for attitudes and perceptions
  • Monitor brand responses

Social Sense
What are people saying about your company, product and brand?

  • Understand customer behaviour and attitude
  • Measure how opinion changes
  • Influence those opinions
  • Link social media, customer satisfaction and business metrics


Get to know your consumers as they share on their mobile - and without researcher bias

  • Analyse the gap between reported and actual behaviour
  • Use GPS-tracked multimedia formats
  • Non-invasive and cost effective

Find out what consumers get up to on a daily basis - and without bias

  • Capture their everyday interactions
  • Bridge gap between actual and reported behaviour
  • Unintrusive and cost effective

Their Voice
Track customer experience real-time to assess and improve it, maximise customer loyalty, and boost your own performance

  • Real-time customer perspectives
  • Trackable metrics across touch points
  • A bespoke online reportal

Live Voice
We offer fast, smart exit interviews in real time

  • Smart technology for face-to-face surveys
  • Data bang through real-time delivery
  • No more paper base surveys

Shared Voice
Our bespoke employee satisfaction programme analyses employee engagement so you can maximise their potential

  • Bespoke real-time web reporting
  • View, cut and analyse data easily
  • Hierarchical access for secure and easy data sharing

Candidate X
Attract, engage and retain the very best employees by evaluating candidate experience during the key stages of recruitment

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Induction