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Products & Services

To ensure best in class status and maximise sales, you need to understand the emotional hooks of your brand, including product/ pack functionality, range, price, and overall appeal against the competitor set.


Marcomms Effectiveness

To understand a brand’s opportunity to build relationships through advertising, brand partnerships and sponsorship; validated evaluation of brand and comms strategies is crucial.


Customer experience

To enhance satisfaction, loyalty and revenue, and gain a competitive advantage, it’s crucial to understand your consumers’ preferences, attitudes and behaviour.


The value of data

Consumer understanding is being transformed by data-driven insights. Whilst a human-centric focus will always be required, it’s important to utilise state of the art data science techniques, to fully leverage and unlock insights from multiple data sets.

Driven by innovation

We utilise the latest thinking and technology in our research. If there’s a better, quicker or more insightful way of doing it – we’ll find it.


System 1, System 2, implicit, framing, priming, anchoring… There is a lot going on, and much of it can feel like it’s shrouded in a cloud of neuroscience jargon and academic references.

We utilise a number of existing, academically validated models and develop them to help our clients better understand consumer behaviour.

Data Science & Analytics

We are experts in unlocking the value of data, driving business relevant insights and providing lasting solutions.

We cover the full spectrum of data management within an organisation.
Combining data sets from various internal and external sources, we create predictive models using R, Python and other software to better signal trends and implications.


Telling great stories is an art form, and makes a huge difference to how information is received, translated and used for the benefit of your business.

We utilise storytelling as a method of communicating the value of your research in a way that really engages audiences and drives actions – from dynamic reports and infographics, to motion video and animated data visualisation.

CX RecommendIT the customer experience management solution

CX Platform

Digital advances have driven a complex eco-system where customers can buy products and services via multiple touchpoints quickly and easily.

Our customer experience management solution allows you to integrate data from multiple sources, analyse it with the power of AI, and take actions to address systemic and operational challenges.

Our digital solution helps your organisation to monetise your data, both old and new, from multiple sources.

Text Analytics Platform TalkAbouIT

Text Analytics

Our text analytics platform unlocks the power of text for real-time business insights based on the voice of customer across channels: solicited and unsolicited feedback, ratings reviews, social media and many more.

We use the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to identify product and industry trends, drivers of satisfaction/dissatisfaction, brand and marcomm insights delivered to you in an intuitive dashboard.

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