Noreen Kinsey, Future Thinking

Shopper Segmentations and the Path to Purchase is dead! Or is it?

The steps we take on a shopper journey, whether for CPG or large ticket items, have changed immeasurably in the last decade.  Commentators have declared the classic sales funnel as dead.  Purchase behaviour now comprises a profusion of non-linear steps, with conversion driven by and at any number of points, from the shelf-edge label to the recommendation of a random stranger’s review on your smartphone app.

Can consumers and shoppers be algorithmed into discreet segments any more, or is our behaviour and many shopper ‘hats’ too fluid?

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Whilst there are now many more experience and exposure touchpoints, the customer still essentially travels a path of awareness, via degrees of ‘research’, through to purchase.  Brands must scrutinise shopper modes and missions in order to be effective on these marketing battlegrounds.

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