rethink range optimisation

Understanding how to maximise your brand reach and share of market in categories where consumers have a wide range of options available is essential to increasing market share. For brands to be successful, increase market share and grow revenues, R&D need to continually innovate and optimise. Range optimisation is key to this success.

rethink range is our take on range optimisation. We provide a true reflection of product performance by measuring both conscious and sub-conscious purchase behaviour, factoring in the current market place, competitive context, pricing and promotions, to help inform product development. Our simulator model then allows you to create multiple scenarios to understand the impact that adding or removing a product can have on overall brand reach.

Whether you are testing new flavours, fragrances, product benefits, formats or pack designs, our aim is to ensure that product ranges maximise appeal to consumers, provide category growth for the retailer and maximise sales for manufacturers.

Please download our free guide to range optimisation, which is perfect for successful:

  • NPD launches
  • Line extensions
  • Range rationalisation
  • Refinement & optimisation
  • Multiple brand reach optimisation

Our offer helps marketers, category teams and R&D optimise ranges to drive brand success.

For more information on range optimisation please call/email Ian Hext – MD Launch on +44 (0) 3333 208 220