Innovation and renovation keep brands ahead. Whether you eat it, wear it, drive it, bank with it, watch it, listen to it or play with it, we come up with fresh ideas for products and services that drive market penetration through competitive advantage. We lead some of the biggest global brands and the smallest local suppliers through their NPD and branding journey for in-market success

At every stage of a brand’s journey, from inception, positioning and strategy to uncovering innovation ideas, testing propositions and guiding pricing and execution, we know consumer insight is crucial in making the right decisions

We use the smartest thinking, methodology and technology to launch propositions and enhance in-market performance – from behavioural economics and emotional techniques to 3D CGI and the power of on-the-go collection

Take a look at us in action...

Shopper Barometer 2015 – The future of shopping

From social media engagement and retailer apps, to awareness of new payment options and new technologies


Unlock creative challenges in the Ideas Room

Bringing key internal stakeholders and creative agencies together to design, develop and test ideas in a single day


The Grocery Eye – Identifying consumer perceptions towards food and drink

Identifying attitudes and perceptions towards purchasing and consuming food and drink products


Robinsons Fruit Shoot – understanding product claims

Helping to identify and maximise consumer appeal and motivations associated with their product claims


William Grant & Sons – understanding the path to purchase

Identifying growth opportunities by understanding the path to purchase and decision making process


Driving brand success – research solutions for 2015

We’ve identified 10 areas of research which we believe will be integral to brand success over 2015


Running successful online communities – our top tips

Delivering a successful community doesn’t simply happen. Here are just a few top tips to help you on your way


Sensory based product optimisation – making sense of your brands

How sensory profiling is used as part of our approach for product optimisation and competitor benchmarking


Adelie Foods – understanding the shopper experience

Identifying growth opportunities for Adelie by understanding how they deliver on the whole shopper experience


BrandBox – integrating behavioral economics & emotional techniques

Understand the increasingly important role of behavioural economics within innovation, NPD and brand research


Products that help us:

Capture motivations and usage behaviour of consumers, in-home, before responses have yet been rationalised.

  • Access motivational language and usage occasions
  • Identify core product benefits
  • Understand the key consumer hooks


Unlock creative thinking through collaboration and testing in ‘one hit’.  The Ideas Room is an inspiring way to design, refine and test in a single day.

  • Dynamic way to tackle challenges
  • Stakeholders and creative agency collaboration
  • Contextualises thought within the bigger business picture



Which ideas offer most potential? We’ll help you identify and build on the best concept ideas leading to in-market success

  • Explicit and implicit perceptions
  • Communication-driving appeal
  • Target audience and usage occasion

Develop and refine your best concepts — from product, package and price to promotion and service — ready for launch

  • Optimise your offer
  • Generate more sales and improve service delivery
  • Achieve better standout

Launch great ideas at full blast through behavioural evaluation to understand market opportunity and optimise your offer further

  • Understand the target audience and usage
  • Identify rrp and predicted volume in a competitive context
  • Pinpoint key communications driving appeal

Be confident how your products fit in-market by tracking their performance against your competitors’ to reveal

  • How your products compare
  • How they can be improved
  • How to maintain position

With the risk of product launch failure, minimise exposure with accurate sales forecasts by value and volume through

  • Intelligent forecasting: research data, marketing inputs and category data
  • Diagnostic outputs and scenario modelling for sales optimisation

We’ll help you identify the touchpoints along your customers’ journeys that drive loyalty and convert sales — and where you should invest marcomms

  • Increase your profile within the repertoire set
  • Understand the drivers to conversion; map the decision funnel
  • Inspire customer retention


Adele Gritten
UK Managing Director

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