We give our clients the tools to improve customer experience, satisfaction loyalty and revenue by understanding consumer preferences, attitudes and behaviour

Helping you know your customers inside-out is what we do best: so you can drive value, target investment, grow your customer base and gain a competitive edge

We research all consumer/ shopper audiences: subscribers and passengers; parents and students; teenagers and techphobes;  tourists and fans; influencers and new adopters, as well as entrepreneurs and CEO’s — across industries including fmcg, automotive, transport, utilities, public sector, third sector, finance, media, and retail

Take a look at us in action...

Understanding event experience and behaviour – Creating a long lasting legacy

Working with a variety of event organisers, including public sector funders, to capture, analyse and understand the whole value of an event


See-Me: Getting closer to consumer understanding

Utilising the very latest HD video technology to provide an uninterrupted and unedited visual diary of consumer life


Automotive trends 2015 – The role of digital in auto purchasing

Understanding the path to purchase within the automotive sector is increasingly complex


Customer Experience Management – top tips

10 tips for the successful development and execution of Voice of the Customer Programmes


Be-There – understanding the world of automotive

Reshaping understanding of the automotive aftersales proposition through the use of mobile ethnography


Severn Trent Water – measuring customer expectations

Increasing satisfaction by measuring customer expectations and examining current hot topics


Automotive Trends 2015 – changing lanes

Our study of the UK motoring industry to understand consumer attitudes and future trends


Voice of Customer – passenger experience management

10 tips for the successful development of VoC Programmes for passengers travelling by road, rail, air and water


BrandBox – our unique perspective on brand and comms tracking

A brand tracking tool that monitors brand performance and identifies the levers to drive improvements


First Great Western – customer satisfaction monitor

We have worked together for many years to measure and support their vision of putting the customer first by exceeding expectations of journeys by train


Measuring Customer Effort – a hassle free introduction

Our hassle free introduction for any organisation looking to adopt Customer Effort (CE) as a measure


Products that help us:

Get to know your consumers as they share on their mobile – and without researcher bias

  • Analyse the gap between reported and actual behaviour
  • Use GPS-tracked multimedia formats
  • Non-invasive and cost effective

Find out what consumers get up to on a daily basis – and without bias

  • Capture their everyday interactions
  • Bridge gap between actual and reported behaviour
  • Unintrusive and cost effective

Track customer experience real-time to assess and improve it, maximise customer loyalty, and boost your own performance

  • Real-time customer perspectives
  • Trackable metrics across touch points
  • A bespoke online reportal

We offer fast, smart exit interviews in real time

  • Smart technology for face-to-face surveys
  • Data bang through real-time delivery
  • No more paper base surveys

Our bespoke employee satisfaction programme analyses employee engagement so you can maximise their potential

  • Bespoke real-time web reporting
  • View, cut and analyse data easily
  • Hierarchical access for secure and easy data sharing

Attract, engage and retain the very best employees by evaluating candidate experience during the key stages of recruitment

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Induction


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