Maximise success using existing data

How can subscription businesses maximise success using existing data whilst marrying it with the rich insights from traditional research?

Companies are sitting on vast amounts of data about their customers and the way they consume, interact and behave. This is particularly true of organisations that have an ongoing relationship with their customers through subscriptions, such as mobile phone contracts, insurance premiums, magazine subscriptions, energy bills or season ticket renewals. Whatever the product or service being provided, these companies are all striving for one thing – customer loyalty.

Combining customer information with usage and behaviour data can lead to rich insights but doesn’t tell the whole story. To uncover deep customer motivations, attitudes, and unmet needs requires a different set of analytical tools and data. The most successful organisations supplement the data they hold with primary customer research – both qualitative deep dives (ethnographic studies, in-depth interviews, controlled trials), and quantitative studies (loyalty or satisfaction trackers, attitudinal surveys).

Where many companies still fall down is bringing all the information together. The challenge is to unlock the potential in the data to deliver business value.

Click here to download our paper which shows you how

In it we give you tips on how to:

  • Identify patterns in customer usage and attitudes
  • Predict future outcomes to target proactive actions
  • Ground business decision-making in real customer data

We’d be very happy to share real life case studies detailing how we have helped global organisations maximise the value of their existing data. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with Craig Strudley, Research Director – Experience.