Brand archetypes

For marketers there is a need to understand a brand’s behavioural and attitudinal position across all communication touchpoints, no matter where, when or how a consumer interacts with their brand. At Future Thinking, we believe brand archetypes theory can provide brands with this understanding and a real commercial advantage.

With the role of a brand increasingly complex, the battle for a share of mind amongst shoppers is ferocious, and grabbing their attention increasingly challenging. In today’s experience economy, consumers have never before had so much power to influence a brand, and for marketers and consumers alike it’s all about engagement.

Download our guide to brand archetypes to understand the role they can play in developing a consistent brand position.

Working with you we can assess the archetypes of your latest comms, to understand  whether the message they are giving are the ones that are needed for your particular brand objectives.

Archetypes is one of a number of bespoke tools we use to understand positioning, experience and behaviour change as part of our new BrandBox toolkit. For more information please contact Shaun Austin on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.