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Maximising ROI and improving CX in the rail sector

Public trust in the railway is fragile at best. Whilst satisfaction for a few operators remains relatively high, for many passengers punctuality and reliability remain key frustrations.

Train operators face a multitude of external pressures and with government policies reducing public investment (from central and local sources) for the day-to-day provision of services, the challenge to improve satisfaction is huge.

With limited funds, where should operators invest to have the greatest effect on KPIs such as reliability, performance and customer experience? How can you be confident you are making the right investment decisions?

Fortunately, there are ways to evaluate the impact of financial investment decisions. By combining data from multiple sources (internal, external and survey data), we are able to create models tied in with your business objectives that evaluate the impact of key decisions.

Download our paper to see how we can help prioritise investment decisions, predict NRPS and determine where to invest funds; to achieve targets and accurately predict which specific factors will yield the greatest uplift in customer experience at the lowest cost.

For more information on our approach to category development please contact Craig Strudley, Senior Director on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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