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The unknown passenger: Why the rail industry must embrace data

Future Thinking - The unknown passenger

The rail industry must embrace data and resolve the issue of the unknown passenger.

When faced with issues over punctuality, overcrowding, an ageing infrastructure, industrial action and a franchise system under attack from all sides, it seems crazy that the biggest issue facing the rail industry today is a lack of data. However, compared to other customer service industries rail remains far behind the curve in terms of its ability to understand and deliver to customer needs.

Obviously, this conclusion, coming as it does from someone who promotes customer experience research for their day job, is initially borne from a data intelligence perspective and the frustrations experienced in trying to get meaningful data relating to rail customers. However, the problems posed are much broader than this when looked at through the lens of how leading customer experience industries connect, communicate and personalise the experience based on a broad data footprint left by their customers.

Download our short paper where Steve King, MD of Experience here at Future Thinking offers an insiders view on the challenges the industry faces and how this presents a real threat to the next generation of rail travel.

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