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Identifying influences on behaviour change within service based industries

Future Thinking

As humans, we all know that however good your intentions, behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight. Similarly just because we’re not currently demonstrating a behaviour, doesn’t mean that we never will. By understanding the journey consumers go on, we can identify influences on behaviour change within service based industries to help encourage the adoption of certain behaviours. Like regularly switching provider, or taking out insurance.

All behaviour change goes through clearly defined psychological stages that pre-empt any measure in behaviour change. However, conventional research
approaches often focus on the end goal (likelihood to do or buy something), without recognising the importance of measuring where people are on their
journey towards behaviour change.

At Future Thinking, we believe that to understand true behaviour, research must take the onus off of the respondent. We achieve this, by using a blend of analytical art and science to provide clients with the closest to a crystal ball that we can get. We’ve packed this short guide full of examples of successful applications and potential opportunities for use within your business.

Our Behaviour Change Modelling framework offers a unique psychological approach to quantify, predict and explain a consumer’s likelihood to change behaviour, to in turn powerfully guide strategic decision-making. By measuring where consumer behaviour is currently, and overlaying our proprietary analytical modelling on top of this, we can see where the behaviour trend is heading – also providing specific strategic direction on which interventions or approaches will encourage the adoption of certain behaviours.

For more information on BCM for serviced based industries, please contact Craig Strudley on 03333 208 220.

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