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Apple launch the iPhone 7 – are you in or out?

iPhone 7 launch

Apple recently launched their latest iPhone 7 model to a lukewarm response. Once the dust has settled, will this phone be in your pocket?

With pre-orders of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus down from previous launches, Future Thinking has polled 2,150 UK consumers to find out whether fewer people are considering Apple’s iPhone range when buying a new phone.

If they were looking to buy a new phone more than one quarter of consumers asked would consider the new iPhone, with women slightly more likely than men to be contenders.

Almost 1 in 4 are hedging their bets in the ‘wait and see’ category; listening to the voice of the market and waiting for future price reductions before making their purchase decision.

The under 18s are the most excited about the launch, with 58% considering a purchase. The 55+ age group are the clearest rejectors of smart technology in general.

To read the findings please click here.

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