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Using text analytics to add insight to your media campaign

Using text analytics to add insight to your media campaign

Using text analytics to add a layer of insight to your media research campaign is a great thing. It helps you understand the volume and broader nature of conversations happening online.

Social media is increasingly being used by consumers. According to Ofcom’s media use and attitudes report 2018, 50% of all internet users accessed social media within the last week.

Given the popularity of social media, more and more brands are using and leveraging social media for their brand communications. At Future Thinking, we’ve been successfully measuring the impact of advertising campaigns and broadcast sponsorship  for the last 20 years. Increasingly we integrate non-survey data to understand the volume and nature of conversations happening online which are related to a broader advertising campaign.

Incorporating social media conversations into clients’ research gives them a better understand advertising of their campaign effectiveness. Read a short overview on how we are utilising our text analytics platform, TalkAboutIT, to do just that.

We love working with our clients. Helping them navigate the ever changing media landscape, build stronger and deeper relationships with their audiences and spotting opportunities for growing revenues.

For more information on our media research please contact Shaun Austin on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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