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What Amazon can’t do

Future Thinking review what Amazon can't do

With Amazon getting its fingers into every pie, a key challenge for businesses in 2018 is working out What Amazon Can’t Do.

Impressive sales, competitive pricing and a vast inventory. For many, there seems little point trying to compete with Amazon. Future Thinking’s 2018 Retail & Leisure Barometer investigates the opportunities for growth and identifies the key consumer targets.

Click here to view some facts, stats and top targets for retailers in the battle against Amazon.

Data comes from our Future Thinking 2018 Retail & Leisure Barometer. An annual independent study of trends and habits for the year ahead. The survey monitors the behaviours of more than 2,000 primary household shoppers to determine consumption and behaviour trends.

To find our more about our 2018 Retail and Leisure Barometer, please contact one of the retail and leisure team on 03333 208 220.

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