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The Disposable Face of Retail: Retaliation or retrenchment as its defining future?


Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland. Mike Ashley wants to continue buying and changing the high street. Whatever their similarities or differences in politics, both share an insatiable need to drive a hard bargain, to win, to not be outflanked and, ultimately, to leave their inimitable mark on history as game changers in their respective fields.

Ego and psychological drive aside, global stock markets are volatile. Much premium global real estate sits empty and consumers are increasingly savvy and fickle (in equal measure) when it comes to purchasing decisions and buying power.

The drive towards online, omnichannel and seamless shopping experiences continues, as does the tension between the (Western) demand for disposable fashion and the desire and will to save the planet – reduce, reuse, recycle is a mantra taught to children these days.

Download Adele Gritten’s article on the disposable face of retail, an industry and high street in continuing flux.

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