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Planning for in-season success


It’s never too early to think about Christmas!

If you’re a marketer, that is. As a shopper, you might feel quite differently and there is a time when mentions of christmas, baubles, carols and mince pies are a definite no-no! But for marketers understanding when the tipping point occurs is critical to a successful in-season campaign.

Preparing for in-season – Christmas or any other key trading time of the year for your category, can be a year-round job because the stakes are so high.

The Bank of England estimates that £2 billion was spent during the season in 2018 with each household spending an extra £500 in December compared to other months.

It’s all to play for and we, as shoppers and marketers, tend to focus on what retailers are doing, but in-season is a key trading period for manufacturers across many categories.

Download our paper highlighting the key to successful in-season planning to see how we’re helping manufacturers prepare for in-season success.

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