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Disrupting the world of market research

Disrupting the world of market research

Earlier this year Adele Gritten, UK MD discussed the theme of Disrupting the World of market research at Quirks London.

Much is written about disruptive business models in commerce: Uber, Amazon, Airbnb etc. However, very little has been written about disruptive models in marketing research i.e., genuine disruption in the world of data, insight and business intelligence.

Margins are continually squeezed in our world and competition on a job-by-job basis is increasingly global. The talent drain at entry and junior level is palpable across most MR firms – the cream of the crop leave after a year or two and, more often than not, enter the world of tech, product or adjacent marketing led roles. Most CEO’s leading the world’s largest global MR firms are (white) grey-suited men whose craft was honed before the digital era.

Genuinely “new” entrants to our world are few and far between. Examples of companies such as Medallia and others noted in GRIT and ESOMAR reports choose not to play in the insights space. Product IP, automation and scale is key to their rapid growth, alongside substantial backing from large U.S. VCs.

So, why are Europe and the U.K. falling behind here? Download Adele’s article which takes a long hard look at:

  • Diagnosing what the MR, data and insights community has been getting spectacularly wrong – over the last decade since tech implosion in particular.
  • How and why we came to allow adjacent categories to eat our lunch and what we should be doing about it.
  • How we can leverage learning from the successes of newer industries (renewables, fin tech, personal well-being as a few examples) and apply those growth and development strategies to our own back yard.
  • Predictions for 2029 and beyond. Where will our industry be? Winners and losers; what the world for us will look like in the PIMP (post-innovation marketing paradigm) economy.

Wednesday 13th February Room 2 | 10:00-10:30

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