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When, oh when will it be time’s up for sexism in ads?

Sexism in ads

With recent global initiatives shining a wider light on the treatment of women, it’s about time the same level of scrutiny is applied to the creative industry, writes our UK managing director Adele Gritten.

I’m a fan of a Sunday night detective drama series aired on one of the mainstream channels. A rare appointment to view in the Gritten household, I look forward to my weekly fix, lolling on the sofa with a glass of Chablis when the kids have (just about) gone to bed.

For the first few episodes, I don’t pay much attention to the ads (or so I think). By episode three of the new series, I’m scathing about the continued outrageous, grotesquely over stereo-typed portrayal of the modern women (yes, that’s me).

As a firm believer in equality not feminism, I thought I’d dig a bit deeper and watch the ad breaks on catch up, just to check I wasn’t over-reacting to my initial viewing experience. Notwithstanding the fact that the catch up ads were slightly more targeted, (presumably, based on my gender and age profile readily available to the broadcaster from the catch up sign up process and past viewing patterns); – my anger whilst viewing via VoD was equally pronounced.

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