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Unlocking the value of customer feedback with text analytics

unlock the value of customer feedback

Unlock the value of free-form text by leveraging cutting-edge data science methodologies.

Companies have long realised that customer feedback is gold. But when that feedback is unsolicited and pours in the thousands, the task of identifying the nuggets requires seemingly endless time and effort. As customers gain more avenues for providing feedback, text analysis through natural language processing is a very hot topic in data science.

After years of accumulating customer feedback through a multitude of digital channels, companies have an indispensable wealth of information, which is not utilised to its fullest potential. But that task no longer requires an army of support staff, as text analysis helps extract the golden nuggets of actionable insights from thousands upon thousands of customer comments.

Our text analytics tool offers state of the art rule-based topic building, sentiment analysis and advanced analytics.

For more information on our text analytics tool and data science capabilities, please call/email Steve King – MD Experience on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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