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The rise, and stall, of healthy eating choices

Grocery Eye Future Thinking

When it comes to healthy eating, there is a clear disconnect between consumer perceptions and purchase behaviours. As we become more health conscious, the demand for healthy food is increasing, yet 69% of us believe it is a more expensive option. We dived into our Grocery Eye data to find out what steps producers can take to keep healthy eating choices on our tables against the backdrop of rising inflation and stagnating wages, particularly in younger households.

Catherine Elms, senior research director provided her thoughts to

The Grocery Eye is our annual online study that examines the shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers to identify attitudes and behaviours towards purchasing food and drink. Our study has assessed topics such as category perceptions, attitudes towards product attributes and ingredients, sugar & fat, health & food, and consumption behaviours, as well as more specific areas such as eating out, mealtime behaviours, and sustainability.

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