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Taming data with science

Taming data with science

How are we taming data with science?

Combining always-on open online data, from sources such as social media, with more traditional research formats is gaining traction. Major brands such as PepsiCo are increasingly using this approach as a means to identify emerging trends and gain actionable insights to inform product development, marketing and sales strategies (for example). Not only does this speed up processes, it also offers greater options for personalisation.

However, the application of data science can answer business critical questions that go beyond the product development and marketing departments. In this article Adele Gritten uses real-world examples to explain how an analysis-led approach addressing multiple information touch-points – for example internal business data and social data – can answer even the most ‘difficult’ questions when used in conjunction with predictive analytics and legacy research methodologies.

This was written by UK managing director Adele Gritten, for RW Connect. To read the full article, please click here.

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