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Sports sponsorship: Monetising the passion of fandom

Sports teams or organisations would rarely be referred to by their fans as ‘brands’, underlining the fine line that they have to walk when pushing commercial interests.

Awareness, loyalty, knowledge, advocacy and consideration are all metrics we can use to measure brand strength, but for sports brands we can add ‘passion’ or even ‘addictiveness’ to reflect the emotional impact a fan feels towards their team, an event or sportsperson.

It is this often irrational emotional bond with a team/sport/individual that makes sponsorship such an appealing option for many non-sporting brands. At Future Thinking we have been assessing the impact of sponsorships for over 15 years, and as such have a comprehensive understanding of the best means of measuring and improving them.

Download our approach to understanding the impact of sponsorship; helping both sponsor and sponsee ‘dial up’ the elements of the sponsorship that have the most positive impact on key brand metrics, but also identify the elements which provide the greatest ‘bang’ for the sponsors buck.

Here at Future Thinking we specialise in all types of brand and campaign evaluation, from continuous trackers to one-off brand partnerships; ensuring sponsors and rights holders create mutually optimised, long-term partnerships.

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