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Maximise return on your research spend

Maximise return on research budgets

With marketing budgets stretched and research often the first area to suffer cutbacks, we understand why it’s more important than ever to maximise return on your research spend.

For many brands, over the course of a year, there is a requirement to evaluate numerous individual concepts, new pack designs, advertising, media and on pack promotions. However, they may not warrant – or as is often the case, budgets don’t allow for – a full evaluation.

Here at Future Thinking we’ve designed a solution that delivers a quick, convenient and value for money approach to multiple research projects that don’t require a full bespoke study. Our Small Scale Quantitative Studies approach uses pre-scripted questionnaires to provide quick access to consumer panels and actionable findings within just one week; enabling you to evaluate a range of issues on a regular basis.

Download our short overview to SSQ, which enables you to evaluate concept tests, new packaging design, on pack promotions and ooh/tv diagnostics, as well as brand assets.

We have a breadth of experience across a wide range of categories including fmcg, media and communications, and add value through specialist analytics such as TURF analysis, correlation techniques and gamification.

For more information, please contact Ian Hext, Managing Director Launch on 03333 208 220.

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