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Is real-time research the real deal?

Is real-time research the real deal

Or is there greater power in a considered response? As companies find more and more and ways of doing business, it is inevitable that market researchers are also challenged to find new and improved ways of capturing customer feedback.

One clear trend has been the emergence of technologies that seek to understand the customer experience in almost real-time. Indeed, at Future Thinking we have worked with our clients across a number of sectors to develop new and innovative tools capable of delivering insights as they happen.

But does this mean that the ‘old’ methods no longer have a place? Should we abandon traditional email and telephone surveys that ask opinions days or weeks after an event?

Download our free paper where we identify:

  • The rise of real-time research
  • The importance of memory
  • The power of a considered response
  • Advantages of traditional approaches

At Future Thinking we have many years of experience and a vast toolkit of approaches; traditional and innovative. We can work with you and your company to ensure that you maximise the benefits of research in a cost effective way.

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