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Interpreting the link between financial success and relationship NPS

linking NPS to your bottom line

Rethink your approach to relationship NPS to positively impact on your bottom line.

The link between financial success and a positive Net Promoter Score is rarely questioned but isn’t always apparent in results. Have you found yourself looking at improving NPS scores coupled with declining loyalty and wondered whether you’ve been taken for a ride?

If you’re focusing solely on your current customers to measure NPS you might just be missing a trick. Investing resource in improving customer experience and strengthening relationships is important, but if your competition is doing the same with more success, your efforts may yield limited results.

If you want to prove the link between recommendation and the bottom line, we would urge that you take a closer look at the competition.

Our guide explains the link between relationship NPS and your bottom line…and offers insight on what your business can do to better interpret the numbers in front of you.

Being an average performer in terms of customer experience is not enough, even if you are showing improvement. What really sets you up for success is being the clear leader in your field with the ability to sustain a positive rNPS gap to your nearest competitor.

For more information on relationship NPS and how to understand where you sit versus the competition, please call/email Craig Strudley – Research Director Experience on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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