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Drive increased sales by identifying the most motivating and differentiating product claims

Maximise your message impact

Drive increased sales by identifying the most motivating and differentiating product claims.

When your product claims are believable, motivating and differentiating, they provide a real catalyst for driving brand value and sales. So it’s critical that marketers understand how best to identify and optimise the most compelling product claims, in order to deliver competitive advantage.

Consumer acceptance of claims is largely determined by personal beliefs relating to the claim, as well as by the perceived fit between the product and the benefit. Therefore, claims providing a credible, clear, and direct benefit are likely to rate highest amongst consumers. To aid consumer appeal there are three simple rules brands can follow to maximise their success: Promote the drivers, overcome barriers and provide context.

rethink claims is Future Thinking’s innovative approach to claims optimisation research. We factor in the current marketplace and competitive context, to give a much more realistic base context from which to make informed product claims decisions.

For top tips on how to maximise your messaging impact, download our guide to claims optimisation research. An invaluable mechanism for marketers, category managers and R&D teams working in a fast-paced environment, enabling you to react quickly to potential consumer needs, market trends, and competitor challenges.

For more information on how to identify the claims that provide motivation and differentiation to drive purchase for your brand, please call/email Catherine Elms – Senior Research Director Launch on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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