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Grocery Eye: The state of the nation’s health

Future Thinking 2018 Grocery Eye results on healthy eating

Increased media coverage, fast food frivolity and ‘free-from’ options… Future Thinking investigate the nation’s health.

In 2018, a third of consumers (33%) rate themselves 8-10 out of 10 for the health of their diet, an increase of 5% compared to 2017.  Great news, we’re feeling healthier!  But is that true for everyone?  We’ve also seen an increase in those rating their health of their diet as 1-5 (out of 10), now at 26% (up 8%, from 18% last year).  In both cases, this is especially apparent among the Millennials, with 6% specifically saying that over the last 12 months they have become less healthy.

So what’s the reason behind this?  What else are consumers saying and doing?

Dive into our Grocery Eye study results to see what’s going on in the UK with consumer attitudes to healthy eating and how it is defined across the generations.

The Grocery Eye is our annual online study that examines the shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers to identify attitudes and behaviours towards purchasing food and drink.

For further information please contact senior research director, Catherine Elms on +44(0)3333 208 220.

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