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Emerging technologies – the future of research

Research Trends - Future Thinking

From generating data to interpreting data, technology has made our industry more data rich than ever before. Making sense of it to help understand behaviour, pinpoint emerging industry trends and deliver actionable customer insights is our continuing challenge.

We’ve looked at 6 things that will define research in 2018, including behavioural science, virtual reality, AI, automation, passive data and human centricity.

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For agencies to succeed and evolve in 2018 and beyond, there will be an ever increasing focus on digital solutions and the role of advanced technology. Automation, AI and machine learning will lead in defining the research agency of the future. Does this mean the end of the research agency and the human angle? Definitely not; we are still a people based industry.

With so much uncertainty in the world, companies will, more than ever, have a reliance on unlocking value in multiple data sets to guide them in their decision making. Just expect an ever greater dependence on technology to help get them there.

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