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Driving brand success in the plant-based food and beverage category

Future Thinking Plant-based category insights

With Veganuary all wrapped up, we take a closer look at influences on the evolution of veganism and the growing opportunities it presents for the plant-based food and beverage category.

An estimated 150,000 people have already taken part this year; swapping out hamburgers for impossible burgers, and quenching their thirst with a variety of readily available plant-based drinks made from soya, almonds and coconut, to name a few. Restaurants, supermarkets and manufacturers are all working hard to keep up with the curve, offering large ranges of plant-based pick-me-ups and aisles dedicated to other vegan-friendly products in a bid to make it accessible to all.

Click the link below to download our guide to driving brand success in the plant-based food and beverage category.

This short report provides brand guidance on:

  • Trends in the plant-based category
  • Understanding how to influence behaviours with BCM
  • Navigating the plant-based path to purchase
  • Developing messaging, stand out and appeal to drive sales

We have increasingly been working with food and beverage manufacturers who are looking to introduce plant-based alternatives into their product range, and retailers who want to support this initiative by giving the products the shelf-space they deserve.

For more information about our plant-based category insights and our behaviour change model please contact Anna Appleford on +44 (0) 3333 208 220 or by email.

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