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Communicating & growing the free-from opportunity

free-from trends - Future Thinking

There are plenty of brands and increasingly more new entrants in the growing and competitive free-from category.

There’s also a great deal of conflicting information about what makes a healthy diet and lifestyle. Furthermore, different consumers will interpret this information in different ways for benchmarking and driving their own behaviour.

The role of free-from foods within a healthy diet has, and will continue to be, subject to this scenario; with increased communication, from retailers, brands, and the media, not all of it consistent in the messaging. However, there is certainly a health-halo around free-from foods, and it’s important that the messages conveyed are consistent, clear, and in-tune with what consumers need and want from free-from. Alignment to their attitudes and beliefs in order to drive and maintain the growth of the category is key.

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We help you to understand:

  • Who you should be targeting and why?
  • Which demographic is the most receptive?
  • The role of Behaviour Change Modelling in driving opportunities
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  • How to maintain the free-from behaviour

Behaviour Change Modelling provides a unique psychological approach to quantify, predict and explain a consumer’s likelihood to change behaviour and is therefore ideal for maximising the free-from opportunity.

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