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Is it the end for targeted advertising?

Future Thinking End of Targeted Advertising?

Has the recent scandal surrounding the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica made marketers more nervous about using social for advertising and does this signal the beginning of the end for targeted advertising?

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island for the last few weeks, you won’t have failed to notice the headlines surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s data privacy crisis and the resulting fallout. In a nutshell, it was revealed that at least 50 million Facebook users’ data was mined through a personality quiz app which harvested demographic and psychographic data not only for those that downloaded the app, but also from their Facebook friends. This information was then used to serve highly targeted advertising which is believed to have impacted the outcome of the US presidential election.

Our communicate team delve deeper into the effects of targeted advertising to understand what this means for the industry.

At Future Thinking, we work frequently with clients to unpick the individual impact different channels have in multiplatform campaigns using our Campaign Optimiser tool. Time and again we see that although traditional forms of advertising earns its place in the media plan by building awareness, it is often the more targeted elements such as social and digital which work the hardest to drive perceptions and intention to act.

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