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QUAL360 Europe – Join us for some heart stopping moments

Qual 360

How biometric data is helping Sky Media and Volvo evaluate the effectiveness of their sponsorship campaigns

We are thrilled to announce that Shaun Austin, MD Communicate here at Future Thinking will be speaking alongside Sandy McDougall, Insight Controller, Sky Media at QUAL360 Europe 2019 on May 15 – 16 in Amsterdam.

The session will highlight how we are using a range of biometric techniques to evaluate and measure Sky Atlantic’s on-going partnership with Volvo.

  • Biometric data: Evaluating emotional arousal by measuring the magnitude of stress reaction. Using a combination of GSR, HR (heart rate) and skin temperature, we will show how it gives a much slower but clearer response compared to GSR alone.
  • Facial expression: Providing deeper insights into emotional reaction, detailing the real emotion felt (joy, anger, surprise, fear, contempt, sadness, disgust), valence, engagement and more.
  • Eye tracking: Detecting whether viewers were focussing on the key elements within the creative, enabling us to highlight the distribution of attention, static and dynamic areas of interest, time spent, gaze maps and more.
  • EEG:Detecting cognitive and motivational processes, combining and synchronising EEG data with eye tracking, bio data, facial expressions, and surveys to complement and enhance findings.

Join us to see how our use of biometric techniques are helping to drive innovation and providing Sky Media with best-in-class thinking to help take consumer understanding to new levels.

For more information on Qual 360 Europe please go to: or why not Reserve your seat today

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