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Guiding strategy through Behaviour Change Modelling

Behaviour Change Modelling - Future Thinking

Our Behaviour Change Modelling will change the way you evaluate consumer decision-making.

We all know that what we say we’ll do, and what we go on to do, are often two different things. But how can we get around this fact when it comes to integrating consumer research findings within strategic business decision making?

We believe the answer lies in harnessing behavioural economics and intuitive thinking in a simple, replicable way, using our academically-grounded behaviour change modelling approach. Our Behaviour Change Modelling framework offers a unique psychological approach to quantify, predict and explain a consumer’s likelihood to change behaviour.

Click the link below to download our free guide to Behaviour Change Modelling.

Our Behaviour Change Modelling approach allows us to understand high-level lifestyle behaviours such as healthy eating, or making sustainable and ethical choices, but also more ‘day to day’ behaviours such as buying into a new food or beverage category, or building a retailer into their consideration set.

If you’ve only got a couple of minutes to spare, watch our short video on BCM instead.

To find out more about BCM and how it can transform your understanding of decision making, please call/email Rupak Sharma on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.


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