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Evaluating channel content

Understanding the relationship between content, audiences and brands helps broadcasters maximise their investment in channel content.

At Future Thinking, we don’t measure audiences – we leave that to the experts in that area, such as BARB. However, what we do is look at the relationship between content, audiences and brands. We’ve worked on a number of projects which explore this relationship – for instance does viewing a programme help to drive subscriptions for Pay TV, does it help drive channel engagement, or does it bring new
viewers to a channel.

Hot on the heels of the phenomenal BBC drama Bodyguard, and fast paced hit Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, Shaun Austin offers an insider view of the many tools and techniques Future Thinking use to evaluate content.

We love working with our clients. Helping them navigate the ever changing media landscape, build stronger and deeper relationships with their audiences and spotting opportunities for growing revenues.

For more information on our media research please contact Shaun Austin on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.


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