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Econometric modelling for campaign evaluation

Our top-down approach to measuring campaign effectiveness.

We know from speaking to clients, that you need results quicker, cheaper and more actionable, but the market research industry has been slow to respond. We think we’ve got the answer!

Working closely with our data science team, we’ve evolved our campaign evaluation toolkit to include a new offering where we’ve removed the most costly and perhaps time consuming element of market research, the fieldwork.

We’ve leveraged the skills of our data science team to use existing data to create a model that can isolate different elements of a campaign on sales and simulate the impact of increased or reduced spend on those sales.

Regular clients of the Communicate team at Future Thinking will be familiar with Campaign Optimiser, which looks at how different elements of a campaign are working to influence brand perceptions and KPIs with a simulator that can model various alternative media plans and their impact on the key metrics, our econometric modelling for campaign evaluation takes it one step further building sales and additional customer behaviour data into the model, to ensure we deliver more actionable insights that are more closely aligned to the business objectives.

If you have a campaign running, are planning a campaign or have just run a campaign, we can take the data and measure its ROI. The inputs required are simple:

  • Media spend data
  • Customer data (sales, share price, website traffic, number of new customers etc.)
  • Any brand tracking or survey data that might exist around the brand for the campaign dates

The Future Thinking team analyse the data, looking at the data over time to evaluate the impact of the campaign and attribute how different elements of the campaign are working to drive sales.

Download our paper to see how we’re helping a range of media owners to isolate how different elements of a campaign drive brand perceptions and sales to provide clear guidance on which elements of the campaign are working hardest on the bottom line metrics.

We love working with our clients and over the past 20 years, we’ve helped a range of blue chip organisations to navigate the ever changing media landscape. We’ve evaluated the effectiveness of hundreds of advertising, sponsorship and influencer campaigns, helping clients to build stronger and deeper relationships with their audiences, secure budget for future campaigns and spotting opportunities for growing revenues.

For more information on our approach to measuring campaign effectiveness please contact Shaun Austin on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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