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Behaviour Change Model – How to change consumer behaviour

When it comes to the choices we make in our lives, from purchasing decisions to lifestyle choices, we’re better informed than we’ve ever been.

However, we’re bombarded with an abundance of information that in many instances has become overwhelming and our ability to assimilate it into our lives has reached saturation point.

Ultimately this information is no longer having the cut-through it once did; consumers have the information, but it’s not necessarily leading to action. With this in mind, brands need a new way of looking at how to change consumer behaviour; a new way of understanding what it takes to change someone’s behaviour.

The Behaviour Change Model (BCM) is a psychological model that reveals the influences on behaviour, as well as recognising that people will only change their behaviour when they are ready to do so.

The great thing about BCM is that it can be bolted on to any quant study and used to understand a broad range of attitudes and behaviours; from new product launches and attitudes to products or categories, to trust in brands, CSR and evaluating marcomms effectiveness.

Watch our short video which demonstrates how BCM categorises consumers into 5 behaviour stages, and see how it can help you to understand each stage and measure overall effectiveness and ROI.

For a detailed overview of BCM please call or email Dan Young, Senior Research Director on +44(0) 3333 208 220.

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