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Join us for breakfast at The Ivy Club – how digital innovation is driving agility in decision making and consumer understanding

On Thursday 7th November, Future Thinking GemSeek will host a breakfast seminar at The Ivy Club, London, highlighting how digital innovation in insight is driving agility in decision-making and consumer understanding.

Whether you are a brand owner needing to acquire, grow and retain customers or an insight provider informing decision-making, the challenge is to be smarter and quicker than the competition with increasingly limited budgets.

The good news is that technology is transforming the way we understand customers. The latest innovations from customised text analytics models, passive measurement, virtual reality (VR), to the use of biometric and psychometric techniques, are enabling insight providers to be increasingly efficient, agile and scalable; and helping us to bridge the gap between claimed and actual behaviour.

Please join our directors, Anna Appleford, Shaun Austin and Ivaylo Yorgov as they highlight a range of case studies that are transforming the way we understand behaviour, focussing on:

  • Text Analytics: Delivering qualitative insight at scale through the power of web scraping
  • Virtual Reality (VR): Identifying what influences purchase decisions by observing, measuring and recording behaviour
  • Biometric Techniques: Evaluating the impact of creatives by understanding the emotional response to a campaign.

The Club at The Ivy, London
Date: Thursday 7th November
Time: 08.30 – 10.00am

  • Anna Appleford – Head of Innovation:  Future Thinking
  • Shaun Austin – Head of Communicate: Future Thinking
  • Ivaylo Yorgov – MD Commercial Research: GemSeek

To reserve a place for yourself and/or colleagues, please click on the relevant link below:

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