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Segmentation research within healthcare

segmentation research in healthcare

Alternative applications of segmentation research have helped clients to maximise the impact of segmentation research in healthcare.

Much market research is geared towards understanding customer attitudes and /or behaviours, and taking tactical or strategic actions in order to facilitate beneficial change. Segmentation is a classic element of market research that transcends this principle.

Physician segmentation in particular is focused on grouping physicians on characteristics such as attitudes, behaviour, or demographic similarities, so that they can be more efficiently targeted. From improving the ROI of marketing activity to sales force effectiveness initiatives – these traditional segmentations have their place. However, segmentation research in this field can fall short due to complicated statistical design, and insufficient prospective design, that focuses on specific actionable objectives. The results are interesting but they could end up being more of a paper exercise than a powerful way to engage the organisation and its stakeholders.

We’ve highlighted two applications of segmentation research that have helped our clients to maximise the impact of customer segmentation research. The first is linking segmentation to CRM data and the second is Behaviour Change Modelling; our alternative approach to segmentation, which takes learnings from traditional behavioural economics thinking and roots it in a well-validated academic model.

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