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How the patient journey is changing

Catherine Elms - Patient Journey

The patient dynamic and our approach to our own healthcare is changing as Catherine Elms, senior research director at Future Thinking, explains…

[tweet-box]UK: 70% of us consider ourselves to be in good health and we’re nearly all satisfied with the care we are receiving.[/tweet-box]

That may be surprising if you’ve been reading the newspapers recently. In the last 12 months, c.90% of us visiting our GP or a specialist Healthcare Professional (HCP) have been satisfied with the service (indeed, mostly ‘very satisfied’), as have nearly all those consulting a pharmacist or nurse.
However, despite our general satisfaction with the care provided, we’re still concerned about how well equipped the healthcare system is to provide quality yet affordable healthcare, particularly with demand on, as well as expectations of the quality of, delivered healthcare. As revealed by our research, only 26% consider the UK healthcare system to be in good/excellent shape (mostly just ‘good’).

Community pharmacists sit on the front lines of healthcare provision, its healthcare professionals being the most easily accessible to the general public. And as the healthcare system struggles with an ageing population, the role of the local pharmacist is becoming more important than ever, helping to ensure everyone has access to good quality healthcare.

Meanwhile patients are leading increasingly busy lives. Does anyone really want to spend their time sitting in a waiting room for hours on end, let alone waiting for several days, or weeks, for a GP appointment in the first place? We’re finding ourselves increasingly less tied to our ‘family GP’ and open to shopping around for what works best for us, whether it’s greater convenience or more advanced treatments.

So what does this mean for changing the patient dynamic and our approach to our own healthcare?

Click here to read the full article published in Pharmacy Business August 2017.

For more information please contacts Catherine Elms, senior research director on 03333 208 220.

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