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The increasing importance of eco-friendly packaging

Future Thinking eco-friendly packaging

Awareness of the importance of eco-friendly packaging in minimising unnecessary waste and harmful pollutants has never been more topical. In fact, rarely a day that goes by when the issue of plastic doesn’t make headline news.

Whether it’s Blue Planet II winning a BAFTA ‘Best moment’ TV award for its tear-jerking episode of the mother pilot whale grieving the loss of its calf, due to plastic being dumped in the sea; or protesters in Bristol returning their food packaging to their local supermarkets, we can all pay testament to its growing significance.

Given the scale of plastic pollution affecting the global economy today, it will take effort by consumers, industry and governments to galvanise us all into changing our behaviour so we can unilaterally reduce, re-use and recycle more of what we consume every single day. There is no easy solution.

While packaging is increasingly taking centre stage in the media, so too is it for our clients. Whether it is a drive to reduce global costs, meet a recycling pledge or achieve a strategic change in viewpoint, we design research solutions that clearly answer the objectives.

Our Grocery Eye annual study results concur that when buying food and drink products, consumers are putting increasing importance on many aspects of their decision process, with the importance placed on packaging rising to a greater extent than on ingredients.

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