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The changing face of supermarkets


Imagine walking in to your local supermarket to find some of your favourite brands are missing, prices of your staple products are up, or there clearly is a shortage of fresh produce… What would you do?

Producers, manufacturers and retailers have all been warning about the challenges of a no-deal Brexit to the food chain supply as 28% of our food is imported from the EU. From Unilever building up their inventory of ice creams and raw materials, to Mondelez looking into new suppliers and warning about possible price hikes, all manufacturers are looking at solutions to avoid or at least mitigate the risk of supply shortages. But what would the immediate impact be for shoppers?

Download our paper as Julie Vigne looks at the potential impact of any disruption to our shopping routine and every shopper’s worst nightmare: not finding your usual products, at their usual price, on shelf.

Here at Future Thinking we provide an extensive understanding of the retail environment for both retailers and manufacturers to evaluate shopper motivation, behaviour and customer experience across all channels and categories.

To learn more about our approach to understanding shopper and the retail environment please call/email Julie Vigne, Head of Retail & Shopper on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.

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