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Maximise sales and reduce lost revenue

Future Thinking - maximise sales and reduce lost revenue

Identify the optimal price point for your NPD to maximise sales volume, value and market share.

In an ever changing and dynamic market place, for marketers to be able to state with confidence an optimal price point requires sophisticated market modelling. Without it there is a risk of missing out on net gains when prices could be increased but the opportunity isn’t taken.

As experts in consumer market modelling with over 30 years’ experience, we know that it’s very easy to miss out on sales with a sub-optimal price point – be that a new product launch, or for an in-market product. Brands may also discover they are missing out on net gains when they could increase prices but are nervous to do so.

Future Thinking’s suite of price assessment and optimisation tools provide you with the complete picture of how price point, or simply a change in price point, can affect both your products and the overall marketplace.

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