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Ethical food choices are here to stay

Future Thinking - Ethical food

As the press and media highlight the impact our food choices are having on the environment, the British consumer is becoming increasingly conscious in the ethical food choices they make.

We investigate the role of food ethics where…

  • Carbon footprint and country of origin are increasingly important when it comes to product choice.
  • We are becoming increasingly open and aware to the importance of plant based diets – with Millennials leading the way.
  • Sustainability and responsibly sourced are becoming increasingly important when it comes to what people want to see on restaurant menus.

Check out our Grocery eye results which highlight that whilst taste is still the primary driver for consumers’ food choices, we are seeing a real appetite for manufacturers, retailers and restaurants to think carefully about their environmental responsibilities.

The upshot is that food ethics are here to stay – and will increasingly play a part in our buying choices. From manufacturing and processing, to logistics, packaging and even store and restaurant design, brands need to focus on a ever broadening range of factors to engage with their consumer.

The Grocery Eye is our annual online study that examines the shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers to identify attitudes and behaviours towards purchasing food and drink.

For further information please contact senior research director, Catherine Elms on +44(0)3333 208 220.

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