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Predicting consumer behaviour – staying ahead of the curve in 2019

Precicting consumer behaviour

The business of predicting consumer behaviour to enable brands to stay ahead of the curve in 2019 is increasingly difficult to define. In an uncertain world, macroeconomic factors are having a major impact on the research industry as well as our client’s organisations.

In 2018 tech and software companies played an increasingly prominent role across the research industry. SAP’s £8bn acquisition of Qualtrics is testament to the rapidly changing world we operate in.

Here at Future Thinking we believe predicting future behaviour relies on understanding the “why” behind the wealth of transactional data available now at a client’s fingertips. To achieve this there remains a need to combine this data with primary research, utilising behavioural economics, human understanding, machine learning and advanced analytics to drive decision-making.

Download our short paper highlighting five technological-based solutions that we believe will play an increasingly important role in predicting consumer behaviour within the research industry in 2019.

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