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Post Innovation Market Paradigm: PIMP MY RESEARCH RIDE

Post Innovation Market Paradigm

The post-modern, post-truth, post-rationalisation digital world has shifted us way beyond disruption, to something which may more aptly be coined the ‘PIMP economy’ – Post Innovation Market Paradigm.

There have been rumblings a plenty in the data, insights and marketing research world for many years. “Research is dead, long live research” is a phrase still heard at many a current conference. This is contrasted alongside well-documented evidence about survey research being a declining share of the marketing research market. The price decline in conventional online survey research is also much discussed (positively and negatively, depending on which side of the fence you sit).

Furthermore, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to tear the research and insights world apart. It is going to eradicate the survey; it’s driving a race to the bottom. It is going to render the human capital element of our market obsolete. So we are told.

Couple these thoughts with the eye-watering November market news about SAP acquiring Qualtrics for $8 billion… CASH. It’s hard not to ponder what the future holds. A fast evolving insight market, almost exclusively predicated on tech, is the Darwinian future to ensure its long-term sustainability and survival.

Should we be worried?

Download our article on Post Innovation Market Paradigm where Adele Gritten focuses on what this means for the world of data and research.

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