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Evaluating brand & category risk using Behaviour Change Modelling (BCM)


Thanks to traditional data sources and the pervasiveness of big data we have so many ways of understanding what consumers are and aren’t doing. What we find difficult to quantify is what they might be about to do.

Is there a risk to a brand or category from activity by other brands or by health, sustainability or environmental factors? If we can build strategies around negating the effect of risk there is potential to turn around risk into future opportunity.

At Future Thinking, we believe that to really understand the risk of losing consumers we must take the predictive onus away from consumers. We achieve this through Behaviour Change Modelling (BCM), by taking a deceptively simple set of questions, which focus on what they do now and applying advanced analytics to provide a clear view on risk of losing volume for a category or brand.

We can understand the size of risk, consumer behaviour and the nudges or triggers that are influencing consumers to consider reducing use.

Download our article on evaluating brand and category risk through Behaviour Change Modelling (BCM) to see how we are helping clients to quantify, predict and explain a consumer’s likelihood to change behaviour

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