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Customer Experience CXP Audits

Putting personalisation at the heart of future innovation.

In short, personalisation is about using what businesses know about a customer to build an individual relationship with them. Offering them advice or products based on known behaviour or preferences. It is not a means of selling or marketing products or services that they do not want or need, but helping them make choices that will delight and enhance their relationship with the brand. Showing they know them and they care about them as individuals will always add to the customer experience overall, increase loyalty and add lifetime value.

Most firms will do something in this area but equally most could do a lot more (either to offer a personalised experience now or to plan their future data collection processes such that personalisation can be put at the heart of their future innovations).

We have a wealth of experience in conducting audits of clients’ data, looking at the customer data they hold and advising on the analysis that can be done to improve their understanding of these customers. This equates to identifying data and aggregating it to find insight. We have vast expertise in interpreting data and advising clients how to provide a better customer experience (including personalisation of this experience) using primary and big data analytics.

Using these specific skillsets we are very pleased to announce the launch of our Future Thinking CXP audits. These audits allow us to fully understand the data clients hold on their customers at every touchpoint and interaction of the customer journey and whether this data is being used to personalise the experience. CXP audits enable us to help clients understand how they can:

  • Use their data better to provide a more personalised experience;
  • Build systems to better collect data;
  • Visualise what a more personalised experience would look like.

For more information on CXP audits to help drive innovation and personalised experiences please contact Steve King, MD Experience,

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