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Covid-19 and the impact on passenger numbers – How TOCs can stay on track


The world has changed forever. There is a ‘new normal’ that extends across all aspects of our life. Of course, for the time being, many of our changes in behaviour are enforced, but what about when all this is over? Which behaviours are changed forever? Will things eventually return to how they were and, if so, how long will this take?

No-one knows the overall impact of the uncertain times we are living through. In fact, the one thing we can be certain of is that no-one can predict what the new normal looks like or when it will be achieved. From a rail perspective we don’t even know what kind of regulatory framework this is all going to fall into. Are the data and trends on which the Williams review is due to make recommendations outdated even before it has been published?

Please download a short article that looks at the impact of Covid-19 from a rail perspective and, importantly, from a need to generate actionable, evidence-based insight as we move through these unprecedented times.

We have vast experience in the rail industry and believe we are the perfect partner in these uncertain times. Interested and want to find out more information? Please contact Craig Strudley, Senior Director at

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