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Using passive measurement to bring web browsing to life

Using passive measurement to bring web browsing to life

Over the past few years the role of passive measurement has increasingly been used to help evaluate a wide range of commercial needs; from defining client’s digital strategies, enhancing customer segmentations and identifying purchase journeys.

There is enormous potential for revolutionising the methods and the sophistication with which we predict human behaviour and talk to consumers. With ever more personalised data sets, agile techniques for researching and capturing information, combined with more sophisticated data analytics tools.

Companies are continually challenged to utilise an ever-wider range of datasets available to them to gain a competitor advantage. The role of passive measurement is one of many new approaches including the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable tech, being utilised to extract and monetise value in this data driven age. Achieved through analysing data to understand and predict consumer behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles in ever greater data.

Download our short paper to see how the passive measurement can help brands analyse and build a clear understanding of consumers digital behaviour and how we interact with media and digital devices.

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